Our IR department is engaged in the full preparation of investments. The scope of activities includes:

  • The selection and acquisition of sites for investor locations (e.g. mobile operators) involving optimal design solutions for the proposed facilities such as mobile phone base stations.
  • Cooperation and negotiation with the owners or administrators of facilities.
  • Construction in  challenging locations with investment potential , i.e.: parks, public squares, monuments, industrial facilities such as mines, public buildings, residential buildings, areas located in hard to reach urban centers such as railway stations, local administration offices and government buildings etc.
  • Mediation and negotiation with local committees.
  • Administration of environmental documentation including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), analysis of the impact of electromagnetic fields depending on the antennas azimuth/tilt and circumstantial impact reports.
  • Preparation of documentation across all industries including power, wiring, construction and building, as well as any engineering field requiring technical opinion/expertise.
  • Coordination of the process of obtaining construction decisions while organising trade, maintenance and investor supervision.
  • Taking full ownership of obtaining the decision on sources and usage of electromagnetic fields with delivery of emission reporting.
  • Geodesy engineering, documentation and data collection of stocktaking and project consolidation


Within the scope of our services we are also capable of providing  EMF Laboratory support for:

  • Measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF) for the purposes of safety (in line with Occupational Health and Safety requisites) and environmental protection.
  • Application for sources of electromagnetic emission and all the formalities related to the registration and legalization of radiation sources (EMF).
  • EMF assessments in difficult access situations (e.g. climbing measurements and complex configurations of radio).



For a detailed quotation, please contact Leszek Stolarski: leszek.stolarski@gawinex.pl


The department is engaged in the construction of infrastructure facilities in the telecommunications and energy industry with the scope of work including:

  • Building recently designed mobile phone base stations in all standards - masts, telecommunication towers, structures on facades, chimneys, containers, operating rooms, outdoor equipment, churches, historic buildings.
  • Construction of facilities operating with wave or electrical transmission equipment, air-conditioners, ventilators, alarm systems.
  • Adaptation of premises for a variety of commercial applications such as: offices, call center facilities, shops for network operators such as Bergson, Rossman, etc.
  • Demolition, structural works, masonry walls, rigging and lifting for structural steel, truss installations, roofs, installation and spout of ceilings, floors, walls, lighting, finishing works.
  • Repair, strengthening, upsurge and modernization of existing telecommunications facilities,  conservation and maintenance.
  • Implementation work, including installation of sector antennas, cable routes waveguides, optical fibers, commissioning radio links, Fiber optics, power systems, BTS, etc.
  • Construction of corporate communication systems.
  • Collaboration with investors in the accumulation, maintenance and use of investments.



For a detailed quotation, please contact Janusz Stolarski: janusz.stolarski@gawinex.pl

As part of the agreement signed with the N! Framework we have negotiated a contract for the maintenance of several hundred base stations of T-Mobile and Orange consolidated networks in Świętokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, Silesia and Opole ...


The scope of the service entails:

  • Powering mobile telephony infrastructures while ensuring structural preservation and safeguarding is sustained during planned maintenance as well as emergency safe modes.
  • The removal of failed antenna systems, radio link power supplies etc.
  • Annual inspections and 5-year surveys of constructions and buildings.
  • Improving the quality of power grids while taking measurements and constructing the NN's traction energy grounding.



For a detailed quotation please contact Przemysław Streński: przemyslaw.strenski@gawinex.pl

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