• We have built over 2000 cell-sites for the
    largest mobile and network enterprises
  • We are the leading company in
    telecommunications and network
    solutions for wired and wireless infrastructures
  • Our staff consists of numerous
    accomplished experts in their field

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Our team consists of flexible and seasoned professionals. We are a long term ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accredited company that guarantees the highest quality of service. Please see our testimonials and recommendations.

With each new project we actively seek to excel in providing better and more efficient service that facilitates and simplifies clients investments. We take pride in maintaining our clients trust and confidence in our services through an impeccable track record of project management.

We are always open to new challenges where we can take  the lead   in the planning, execution and success  of a new business enterprise. Our qualified team of experts guarantees the swift delivery of even the most complex and challenging assignments.



Since the early 1990’s we have worked in collaboration with government offices, banks and emerging private companies to install hundreds of PABX systems made by  American, French and Korean manufacturers.

 Over the last 20 years, we have secured a few key contracts for our company, which have consolidated our position in the telecommunications market and of which we are particularly proud of:

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Gawinex was established in December 1989 as a limited liability company focusing on the rapidly growing telecommunications sector. Since the beginning of our activity  in the market we have  undertaken many ambitious challenges, and from the success of these  have been able to create a trustworthy image for the company, and manage  some extremely complex assignments. Starting with the distribution of private automatic branch exchanges (PABX) we quickly began to implement "turnkey" projects in early 1996 by developing infrastructures and mobile telecommunications gateways in both wired and wireless profiles.

Since 2001, we have gained the ISO 9001 (2000 revision) certification in regards to the construction, implementation and maintenance of telecommunications facilities.


In 2003, we expanded our range of projects to network clients. This entailed the acquisition of market assets and returns of investment calculations, and the preparation of technical documentation while coordinating the process of obtaining construction permits. It also involved the, planning and construction of various network branches and facilities across Poland.


In 2005 we managed to obtain accreditation and certification of ISO 17025 in the field of measurement of electromagnetic fields, and launched our EMF Laboratory.

In 2011 we took part in the construction of the TETRA Central Communication Network for Police, hospital and energy suppliers. In 2012 we played a major part in an innovative and unique project that was the consolidation of T-Mobile and Orange infrastructures. From 2013 on behalf Networks! we developed and maintained hundreds of mobile phone base stations and cell sites. In 2015 we began cooperating with Energa, carrying out upgrades on their mobile towers and adapting facilities to operate under the TETRA system.

Gawinex Sp. z o.o.’s mission is to take part in the development and growth of modern infrastructure in  the Information Community of Poland

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